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Cherry Red Casino Review

One look at the Cherry Red Casino website is likely to be enough to leave all its competitors cherry red in their faces! Such is the compelling design and the breathtaking visuals and captivating graphics that are standard across the entire site. The blonde in red, featured prominently on the website, would alone prove to be too hot to handle for the competition, while patrons will find her too good to resist!

Built on the industry standard Real Time Gaming (RTG) software, Cherry Red Casino features a plethora of games such as huge jackpots, a multitude of assorted table games, video poker, video slots, 3 reel slots, specialty games, and much more. Suffice it to say that Cherry Red Casino provides all that an online casino enthusiast would be looking out for, and much more!

Promotions: There are promotions galore on Cherry Red Casino, kicking off with a stupendous $777 free welcome bonus. This is made up of a 100% match bonus up to $377 on the first deposit and another 100% match bonus up to $400 on the second deposit.
The promotions at Cherry Red Casino get bigger with special 200% match bonuses of up to $1,200 on Blackjack games. These are valid, irrespective of the mode that you choose to make your deposit – be it Credit Card, UseMyWallet, eWalletXpress or Click2Pay.

It’s a virtual bonanza on Slots with a very special 400% match bonus of up to $2,400 on the first deposit.

On Video Poker too, there is a special 200% match bonus of up to $1,200 on the first deposit.

There are fantastic Weekly Bonuses on Cherry Red Casino as well, including 20 coupons worth $10,000 each. 50% would be received on 10 deposits every Tuesday and Thursday. Of course, while redeeming, one has to be careful about the specific codes to be filled in to the ‘Redeem Coupon’ which are separate for games such as Slots, Video Slots, Keno and Scratch Cards on one hand, and Blackjack and Video Poker on the other.

The weekends are just as delightful on Cherry Red Casino with incredible Weekend Bonuses. These kick off with a 150% match bonus of up to $750 which can be used to play Slots, Scratch Cards and Keno. This is followed up by a 100% match bonus of up to $750 on BlackJack and Video Poker which can be availed through deposits made by any of the following methods – Credit Card/Gift Card, UseMyWallet, eWalletXpress or Click2Pay.

Oh, we aren’t done yet! Cherry Red Casino also features Faxback Cash Bonuses. This mandates making five deposits into Cherry Red Casino and submitting the Faxback form within a month of the first deposit. As soon as it is approved, you would be entitled to 10% of your last five deposits, that too in cash!

Banking: The options for depositing and withdrawing money, both into and from your Cherry Red Casino account, are fast, convenient, varied and simple. Whatever be the mode that you choose, a delightful experience is guaranteed. The options for making deposits into your Cherry Red Casino account include:

Credit Cards which could be Visa, Amex, MasterCard or even Diner’s Club
Wire Transfer

The equally varied withdrawal options at Cherry Red Casino include:

Wire transfer
Checks/Banker's draft

Customer Support: Customer support and service is integral to Cherry Red Casino. The highly trained staff there can be reached 24/7, using any of the following methods:

Canada/US Toll-free

UK Freephone



Customer service can also be reached via email on

Deposit queries can be addressed to while withdrawal queries can be addressed to

Technical queries can be addressed to
Aladdin’s Gold Casino Review

The name Aladdin’s Gold conjures up mystical and magical images of the Arabian world of yore, and Aladdin’s Gold Casino fully lives up to the numinous aura perceived to be actively present around it. The Arabian Nights theme of Aladdin’s Gold Casino is distinctly recognizable with the numerous shades of purple hues on the website, and the magic lamps and other characters and caricatures of the Arabic world that are displayed prominently.

Built on the well-established and widely used Real Time Gaming (RTG) software platform, Aladdin’s Gold Casino assures patrons a plethora of over 100 exciting games that are destined to keep them hooked for eternity! All these games are offered in a dual downloadable as well as Flash interface format; either way the excitement does not diminish, though given a choice, the downloadable format would be that much more enjoyable, given that the games tend to be that much more in number as well as have an increased functionality.

Promotions: The promotions at Aladdin’s Gold Casino kick off with a fantabulous $900 welcome bonus. This is broken down into a 100% bonus of up to $500, a 75% bonus of up to $200 and a 50% bonus of up to $200.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino also has a unique Comp Points promotional scheme. This essentially implies 1 comp point that is allocated to your account against every $10 that you wager. At the same time, there are special games and events that give double or triple the number of comp points! Every 100 comp points in turn converts to $1 cash, without any wagering or cashout restrictions whatsoever. The Jackpot comps alone definitely imply double the standard rate of comp points.

Additionally, there are Slots Tournaments galore which allow you to use Aladdin’s Gold Casino’s special coupons to claim tournament chips and brace yourself for some fantastic cash-in prizes.

There are also V.I.P. Rewards for all players, irrespective of the stakes that they play with. These rewards are both daily and monthly. The best part of this is the fact that inclusion is automatic – no additional effort to be put in on your part, no coupons to be filled in or forms to be submitted. Simply check your email from time to time for updates from the Aladdin’s Gold Casino folks about special free chips as well as VIP deposit coupons.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino has another unique promotional scheme up its magical sleeve, and that is Alakazam. This essentially implies an incredible 300% bonus or more on your initial deposit. So, even if you deposit $250, you could bag for yourself a whopping $750 amount for slots!

With its unique Arabian Nights and Delights theme, there are bound to be mystical games on Aladdin’s Gold Casino as well. One such promotion is Steal the Magic Lamp. This requires you to help Aladdin steal the magic lamp by guessing the six letter password to the treasure chest, and if guessed correctly, you could walk away with a huge cash prize.

Banking: Banking at Aladdin’s Gold Casino is an absolute delight, with numerous deposit and withdrawal methods as per your preference. Deposit options include:

Credit / Debit Card
ECO Card
Wire Transfer

The equally varied and diverse options for withdrawing your earnings include:

ECO Card
Wire Transfer

Customer Support: Aladdin’s Gold Casino is totally committed to providing its patrons with the very best customer services. Keeping this endeavor in mind, it has set up a dedicated support team that is on call 24/7, providing proficient and responsive service through a variety of modes.


US Toll-free





UK Toll-free


US Toll-free


You also have the option of Chatting Live with the online casino support team of Aladdin’s Gold Casino. Simply click on the Live Chat icon on the website to initiate the chat.

There’s also the option to write to the customer support team directly using the Email form on the website.

In case you prefer to correspond via Postal mail, the address for that is:

PO Box 416
M6 6XH
The Choice of Programming Language for Linux isn’t an Easy One!

Among all the myriad choices that one has to constantly make in life, one would imagine that choosing a programming language for developing an operating system would be a relatively easy one, especially if the OS in question happens to be Linux. Surprisingly, that is not the case at all. Unknown to many, Linux too can be developed using a variety of programming languages. Herein, we consider some of those and look at all theirs pros and cons.

C and its variants of course continue to remain some of the most popular programming languages for developing any Operating System, be it Linux, Windows or any other. It doesn’t matter whether the language in question is C, C++, C# or Objective – C, your work will still be done fine. What is important to keep in mind though, is the fact that C is pretty much a straightforward sort of a programming language, especially in this context. So, if you are looking at building up a more tweaky and customized version of your Linux, you may well consider other programming languages in the anvil.

One such language would surely be Python. It definitely allows a greater degree of customization and flexibility, in comparison to C. On the whole, Python’s design philosophy itself epitomizes the ease with which code can be read. Python’s flexibility comes from the way it has been designed ground up – as a multi-paradigm programming language, implying that programmers are free to choose their own individual style of programming, be it object-oriented, structured or any other including functional programming as well as aspect-oriented programming. Due to the fact that Python follows an open-source, community based development model, Python is in fact often shipped as a standard component of numerous Linux distributions, be it Red Hat Linux or Fedora. They both feature the pythonic Anaconda installer. Gentoo Linux also happens to make use of Python in its package management system, Portage. On the flip side, many programmers find Python’s rather unconventional indentation system rather quirky and bothersome, but in the face of a decent text editor, that should not be an issue at all.

Java is another programming language that is getting groovy among the Linux programming community. The biggest plus point would be the fact that Java does away with some of the rather difficult and unstable aspects which Linux is prone to, while ensuring that the underlying code base is left rock solid. Using Java to build Linux also brings in a certain element of robustness wherein multiple applications can be made to run on manifold platforms. Java in fact, has many positives going for it to be a Linux programmer’s language of choice. It is fast, extremely portable, well-supported, can scale up very well as per the need of the hour, offers superb IDEs, and is backed by a large body of libraries and sample code, not to forget the fact that Java itself is open source!

So, what’s the verdict? If you ask me, the choice is a very difficult one. Knowing C for developing Linux is surely a given, and Python offers numerous advantages, but considering the plethora of features that Java has on offer, I would give Java the thumbs up!
Difference between Fedora and Windows

Before we even get into the differences between Fedora and Windows, it might be appropriate to understand the twain and also to identify the similarities between themselves.

Fedora and Windows are both Operating Systems (Oses), implying that they both work towards being the interface between computer hardware and the users. Both Fedora and Windows function as hosts for applications that run on computing machines. Beyond that, the two are quite different from each other, and those are the aspects we will now look into.

Fedora is an RPM-based, general purpose operating system that has been built on top of the Linux kernel. The OS has been developed by the community-supported Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat. Windows, on the other hand, is an OS that has been developed from the ground-up by Microsoft Corporation. Between the two, Windows clearly dominates with approximately 90% of the world’s machines estimated to be running on the Windows OS.

The biggest difference between the two would surely be philosophical! To elaborate, the development of Windows has largely remained a close-knit activity profusely guarded and controlled by Microsoft Corporation. Fedora on the other hand, promulgates open-source software development vehemently, and therefore, has been built in such a way that programmers and users from around the world can tweak the OS around, and even customize it to their personal preferences.

Between the two, Windows has had a much longer legacy than Fedora. The first version of Windows, Windows 1.0 was released way back in November 1985. On the other hand, Fedora Core 1, the first version of Fedora, came out only in November 2003, full 18 years later. Subsequently, Fedora has seen much more frequent release versions than Windows. Virtually every 6 months see a new version of Fedora being launched. Windows on the other hand had Windows Vista released commercially at a retail level in January 2007, with the next version, called Windows 7, slated for a 2009 holiday season release. This is again to do with the source model of the respective Oses; because Fedora remains open-source, rapid changes and frequent, new releases are inevitable.

Security aspects are key to both the Oses but the way the same are executed vary. Broadly, one can safely conclude that Fedora has been more upbeat on the security front than Windows, in spite of the latter’s long legacy. In fact, security is key to Fedora. One of its primary security features is Security-Enhanced Linux, which is a Linux attribute that implements an array of security policies, including obligatory right of entry controls, through the use of Linux Security Modules (LSM) in the Linux kernel. Windows, on the other hand, has been prone to numerous security breaches from time to time, and its reaction to the same has been more reactive than proactive. The fact that it is vastly popular and in use most frequently, make it a recurrent target of computer worms and virus writers.

In conclusion, one can safely state that the two differ in terms of philosophy, cost, ease of use, flexibility and firmness with each seeking to perk up in their professed feeble areas.