Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It’s never too late to Date!

Love knows no age, and that is true of dating too! Often, life gets the better of us during our youth wherein career, family and other responsibilities take up center stage, robbing us of the opportunity to date. Fortunately, what is important is to realize that it is never too late; after all, just like you, there are thousands out there who never dated in their prime, and would like to grab the opportunity now. The tips below will guide you on effective dating when you’re past your prime physically, yet the quest for youth and frolic remains in your heart!

First things first, remember to maintain your composure. This implies aspects such as being truthful about your age as well as not being conscious about it. Retain your confidence. Do not have a laid back attitude, as there is no room for one, in the dating game.

Additionally, do care for your health and appearance. Remember, that you are past your prime, and a lot many things that you could do thirty years back may not be possible for you to do now. However, the quest to remain healthy should ensure that you are able to at least do those things that you are expected to be able to, as per your age. Some basic exercise would be a must for you, in order to retain your fitness. Also, maintain your appearance. Of course, nobody would expect a completely toned body or rippling muscles, but at least basic grooming MUST be in place. A disheveled look is a complete no-no.

Be emotionally strong – this is very important, especially if your date is considerably younger than you. Remember, that there is every likelihood that your date might just walk out on you, even without a strong reason. So make the most of everything and enjoy till the hilt, till things last. Of course, if matters continue forever, and your date remains stable with you, then there is no real cause for concern. Yet, be prepared for any unforeseen eventuality.

While dating, make the most of various benefits that you could garner as a senior citizen. For instance, many retail chains offer additional discounts to the older populace. Capitalize on these offers, by taking your date along with you to these stores. It will be a combined shopping cum dating experience, which at the end of it, will only give you a great deal of pleasure.

Having mentioned the above, it is also important, especially for senior citizens, to choose their dates wisely. Remember that a younger date may be drawn to you only for the prospective monetary benefit that they foresee, once you are no more in the horizon of existence. So judge your date’s motive behind being with you, well, before making any long-term commitment.

Lastly, don’t be disheartened if success doesn’t come easy to you. Remember that dating is no child’s play even during our youth, so in old age, it becomes that much more challenging. Just play your cards right, and be patient, and soon your dream date will be with you, right by your side!
Get the Man of your Dreams – in Reality!

Just as men intensely desire women, the vice versa is equally true. In fact in many cases the longing of women for men has been seen to be far more intensive in nature than that of men for women. Now, as a woman, if you are desperately seeking a dream man in your life, stop dreaming and start doing, as time’s a wasting! The simple tips enlisted below will ensure your success as a feline predator in your quest for masculine gratification…

First things first, just don’t be too easy to get. From Adam’s time, men have been tuned to work hard for their longings, women included, so don’t give in too soon. Play hard to get. Having said that, don’t play TOO hard to get, or the men will simply give up and take flight. So maintain distance, yet keep the men interested, and keep up the tempo of flirtatiousness; together, these would be potent ingredients to ensure that your men simply go crazy!

Care for your looks; this is really important. Remember, that men love you as a person just about as much as they love and long for your body. So give it the attention that it well and truly deserves. Pamper yourself with some of the hot-off-the-shelves cosmetics, and treat yourself to some magic at the spa; rest assured, the efforts will definitely pay off. Also, keep yourself clean and fresh at all times; remember that this has a positive effect on your own self confidence as well. In addition, the occasional trip to the gym (on a routine basis!), will not only work wonders on your dating prospects, it will also do a lot of good to your body, keeping it toned and attractive.

Learn to kiss; I really cannot overemphasize the importance of this aspect. Bad kissing is a surefire way of ‘kissing’ your date goodbye forever, while good kissing is an assurance of your date’s perpetual interest in you. Practice in front of the mirror till you seem to get it right. You could even take help from your girlfriends, at least the “good kissing” ones from amongst them.

Avoid a mistake that many girls often tend to make – discuss past boyfriends with their date. Get it straight – men DO NOT like to hear about your past relationships. They are with you, only because they visualize the two of you together as a couple, not because of some other guy you were with, in the past. Simply steer clear of any discussion pertaining to your past relationships and affairs, and your date will be smooth.

Avoid the ‘sticky tape’ kind of guys; the type who tend to cling on, no matter what. These are generally the kind who tend to be extremely possessive, and will be loathed to even imagine you in the company of other men. Remember that a relationship, for it to thrive, requires space, which these types tend to take away, so learn to first identify them and then avoid them completely.

Happy dating!
Online Dating Really Works & it can for you as Well!

The doomsayers of online dating be damned; let me assure you, and pronounce with complete confidence that online dating really works. It has worked for me, my neighbor and also his dog, so why the hell shouldn’t it work for you? After all, the key aspect to understand in this context is that the Internet is simply a medium, a platform for the two of you to meet. After that, if the sparks are to fly, they would do so only in the real world. And the online world, just like the offline one, primarily consists of real people like you and me, not aliens from out of space. The stray zombies that you are likely to stumble upon, while in cyberspace, are more an exception than a rule.

The first step to successful online dating is having a catchy and interesting profile. For all the women out there especially, that does NOT imply nude pictures or lewd text, coz with that, it’s only the “zombies” mentioned above whom you’ll draw to your profile (unless that’s your preferred ‘draw’!). A good online dating profile is one which has clean pictures and clear, descriptive text about you. Be truthful, without being boring. Be lucid, without being verbose. Be humorous without being cocky. Like I always say, “Strike a Balance!” Also, while your pictures need not expose you in the flesh, they need not have you covered from head to toe either. Again, the key is to strike a balance, and at the same time, ensure that the photo album in your online dating profile has ATTRACTIVE pictures of yours. This would involve different pictures of yours, in different settings, which together would bring forth various hues and shades of your personality. Your primary profile picture should ideally be one which has your face most prominently visible, and you have a warm and attention grabbing smile on it!

Before you even get down to making your online dating profile, perhaps a wise move would be to evaluate the various online dating sites which are available on the Internet. Remember that there are thousands of them. A lot many cater to specific niches, say divorced men or women looking for a prospective partner, or individuals looking for dates from a particular region or community and so on. So, be clear in your head about what you are looking for. If sex and passion is not your priority, registering on a site like would only be a costly (and if I may add, DANGEROUS) mistake.

A tip that I give to every online dating prospect, is NEVER be in a rush to personally meet the person you’ve just met online. Give yourselves time. Always remember, that it is easy to fake online, and it is only through numerous interactions, including personal conversations, both over the phone as well as the Internet, that you will get to know and judge the other person better. Give yourself adequate time for that.

To reiterate, online dating can be an absolute blessing, if undertaken properly, while also a curse, if carried out irresponsibly.
Dating Ideas that won’t cost you a Bomb

Who doesn’t love to date? Man or woman, we all enjoy the attention and company of the opposite sex. And if you think dating is always a costly affair, think again. Dating can be fun, and at the same time, inexpensive. After all, dating is supposed to WARM up your heart, not BURN a hole in your pocket. So if you happen to be HIGH on LOVE but LOW on CASH, simply follow the dating tips below for cheap yet powerful and effective dating.

You find the museums boring? Well, perhaps your love interest digs them! As a matter of fact, he or she could well be majoring in history, or has an enormous passion for the arts. Oh, by the way, a visit to the museums is indeed very cheap too. So, there you go, with an inexpensive yet extremely effective date setting, which could very well set your date’s heart pulsating! You save on money, and also get the complete attention and inclination (towards YOU!) of your date. Tip – it would do you a world of good, to develop some interest in the museums, or at least the arts, so that intelligent conversations can take place, during the date.

Nothing like home-sweet-home, eh? So, how about a “home-date”? Will be minimalistic on your pocket, yet reap huge rewards for you. To make it even more effective, why not make it a family affair? The two of you could cook dinner together for both the respective families. That way, you will get a lot of time to spend closely with your date, and know various nuances of his or her personality. Also, remember that acceptance and praise from the family almost always translates to acceptance from your prospect. Surely, there couldn’t have been an easier mode of cooking your way, straight to your date’s heart!

Extending the home-drawn idea, why not the usual movie date, but with a twist – a movie date which involves seeing a movie at either of your respective homes? To make it even more interesting, how about building a theme around the spectacle? Perhaps, it is a movie which the two of you really like, or it has an actor that both of you really adore, or even a movie that both of you truly despise, or just some such aspect. Imagine a setting wherein the two of you are warmly curled up in bed, watching your favorite (or loathed!) flick…sparks are bound to fly! It has been my own personal experience, that movie dates at home are really effective. Especially in the case of romantic and/or passionate movies, wherein one thing simply lead to another between us, and soon we found ourselves ensconced together!

Ever thought of the beaches? After all, they cost absolutely nothing, and yet can be an awesome dating experience. Imagine the two of you snugly together in skimpy clothes, with the waves gently splashing by…ah, sparks are simply bound to fly!

Whoever said that dating was always a costly affair?!?!
Get that Gal you Always Desired…Go Grab her – Now!

Ah, how much you covet other men with beautiful women around them, failing to realize that you too could have such women around you! After all, are those men really special? Do they come from another planet? The answer is a loud and clear NO! Simply follow the dating tips enlisted below, to make sure that next time, the hottest chick around town is seen only with…YOU!

First things first, prepare yourself. Remember, girls don’t want to hang around with a guy who just doesn’t care about his appearance. This is not the 60s anymore when the unkempt look was in, and scruffy was cool. This is the 21st century my friend, and old-age tactics won’t work. If you desire a really hot date, make sure that you too generate at least some heat! If it has been long since you pampered yourself at one of the men’s beauty salons around town, now is perhaps a good time.

Having said that, I would also like to emphasize that do not over-prepare yourself. Remember, this isn’t a battle you’re waging for which you need to be totally geared up. It’s a date for God’s sake! So, if you smell like you’ve been soaked in Eau de Cologne for 48 hours, your prospective date could very well take the first flight, away from you, as far away as to Cologne itself! So, I hope you see what I am getting at – strike a balance. And this matters even more to the way you carry yourself, than your appearance. So be confident, without being overconfident. Shower compliments without being obsequious. Be genteel and care for her, without ending up being a sissy yourself. I hope you get the drift…

Most men I know of, fail to impress in their very first move with unknown women, and that’s where success eludes them. Remember that the first impression is indeed the last impression, so give it your best shot. In this regard, smart-alecky pick-up lines almost always work their charm. You can be cheesy, but avoid being sleazy. Smart, innovative, unique pick-up lines help in grabbing the much-needed attention that you desperately require, to stand out from amongst all the other men looking to grab her attention. After that, it’s all about confident interaction. Eventually where that leads the two of you is something that is in fact in your own hands.

Also remember that each new date will be a learning experience for you for future dates. After all, as unique and different women may be, they are also very similar. It is OK to make mistakes, especially during your first few dates, but it is almost CRIMINAL to repeat those mistakes. You should ideally learn from mistakes that you commit, and eventually banish them from your very stratosphere. Take each date as a preparation for your next one. Remember, in this game, there really is no final. But play every game, like it is the final!

Wish you absolute success always! Good luck!