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Article Marketing Secrets Finally Revealed!

When it comes to marketing of one’s wares on the Internet, articles come out right on tops. Most other marketing tactics simply pale and fail! So what is it about articles that make them such a ‘darling’ of the Internet marketers? And why are they so successful, as a marketing tool? If these questions have continued to haunt you for years together, heave a sigh of relief as the answers are provided below, in the form of hitherto unrevealed and unknown article marketing secrets.

Secret 1: SEO revolves around Articles
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would virtually not exist, without online articles. It is the keywords and their tags, contained within these articles that enable search engines like Google and Yahoo! to crawl the websites having content, relevant to the search strings. SEO by itself is one of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing, especially with the advent of a large number of websites, in every segment of interest.

Secret 2: They provide Information
A lot of those online are simply there because they seek information. And it is articles that more often than not, provide them the information that they are seeking. It is this information that in turn helps them in taking better decisions. One of which could be buying the offerings on your website, as the articles that they read, said so!

Secret 3: They provide back-links
Many website owners and even Article Marketers themselves fail to realize that the articles themselves can contain back-links to their websites. And if one can possibly have hundreds of articles written, revolving around the content of the website, they have the potential to provide thousands of back-links to the same. And all of this comes, at no extra cost!

That’s the power of articles and you now know the hitherto unknown article marketing secrets!
Top Secret Article Marketing Secrets Now Revealed

Even if you are a prolific article writer, on the Internet, it may not be of much benefit, if you are unable to market your work. Therefore, smart article writing requires not churning out the same but also marketing them aptly. The article marketing secrets revealed below will help you in the process.

Secret 1: Focus on the Reader’s benefits
Quite frankly, the reader would give a damn if your article only spoke laurels about you and your own capabilities. What the reader is really interested in is how he or she would benefit from your article. Therefore, to ensure wider acceptance and readability of your article, focus on the reader’s benefits. And readers by themselves tend to be superb marketers of good articles, so leave the rest to them to spread the word around!

Secret 2: Provide Links within Your Article
Since the aim of your article is invariably (though not always!) to redirect traffic to a particular website or blog, make sure you provide links for the same within your article. That will dramatically increase the chances of readers going from your article straight to your website or blog, or wherever you may like them to be redirected towards. This also increases the overall back-links to your website.

Secret 3: Submit to Article Directories
Although quite an “open secret” by now, many article writers fail to make use of this tool to market their output. They fail to realize that submitting to these directories dramatically increases the overall reach of their articles. Since these directories work as article aggregators, they are extremely SEO-friendly, so being on them ensures higher placements in the search results.

Go ahead and fire on all cylinders – on writing your articles, as you now have some really confidential article marketing secrets revealed in front of you.
Top Secret Article Marketing Tips!

On the Internet, content is indeed king. The only basis on which the search engines would actually crawl the Internet and come up with your web offering would be the content on it. And articles are a wonderful way of coming up with just the right kind of content that you desire. As an Internet content developer though, you need to keep in mind that with the enormous amount of content already there on the web, you cannot just write your articles and sit back…you need to market them too. The article marketing tips provided below will assist you in the process.

Tip 1: Provide Information
Remember that the primary reason for which your patrons are actually going through your article is to gather the information or the knowledge that you are providing in it. So, if your article does not inform or educate, it is essentially useless. Therefore, make sure your article actually provides the information that it purportedly does.

Tip 2: Submit to Article Directories
Article directories do a wonderful job of aggregating articles submitted by diverse authors. Additionally, these article directories are invariably very well indexed by the popular search engines, so the chances of your article coming up in the search results while using the right keywords, are very high. and are instances of popular article directories.

Tip 3: KISS your Articles!
In case you’re wondering what I am referring to, well I am simply urging you to ‘Keep It Short & Simple’ (KISS) when it comes to your articles. Convoluted sentences will only drive your readers away. Use straightforward, everyday language, without an academic or flowery undertone.

Now that you have these top-secret article marketing tips revealed, nothing should come in the way of your going all out to promote them!
Article Marketing Tips You Ought to Know About!

In case you have been wondering as to how you would manage to ensure that people actually read all of the articles that you write, do not fret. There is help at hand, in the form of the killer article marketing tips mentioned below. These tips will not only ensure that your articles are read far and wide, they will also see to it that your articles are discussed and debated!

Tip 1: Post them on Your Website
Posting articles on your own website adds a huge amount of credibility to you and the offerings that you have on your website. Even casual visitors to your website would actually care to pour over the articles placed there. Needless to add, smart keywords incorporated into your articles ensure that the search engines improve the rankings of your website dramatically.

Tip 2: Build and Harness Affiliates
Delegation is a fact of life, as we all have limited time and resources to do all that we intend and desire to. Keeping that in mind, try and ensure having affiliates around you who would do the job of marketing and promoting your articles. Enabling their affiliate IDs on your articles will prove to be a win-win situation for both you and your affiliates.

Tip 3: Cross Reference Your Articles
Cross-reference your articles, i.e. provide links within one article to another article or set of articles that you may have written. This way, all of your articles will get promoted. Eventually, you could even build up a fan following of your own, amongst your frequent readers.

Having read through the above mentioned article marketing tips, I am confident that you would not fret any more about how you would go about marketing your articles.
Killer Article Marketing Tips

You may be one of the most prolific writers around, and can churn out dozens of articles before I can say Abracadabra, but do you realize that your efforts would be pointless if no one read those articles? I assume you get a sense of what I am hinting at – article marketing. Unless you market your articles, there really would be no point, especially if you are writing for the Internet, where content is well and truly the king. The following article marketing tips will guide you in your efforts:

Tip 1: Syndicate your articles with RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds will ensure that your articles are distributed and read – at least potentially, far and wide. So as far as possible, try to syndicate your articles through RSS Feeds. There are various tools to assist you do that, including Microsoft's RSS Powered Longhorn, Google Blog Search, XML Sitemaps, and many more…

Tip 2: Place Your Articles into an EBook
This is a real killer. Placing your articles into an EBook really ensures that your work is read by many, many serious Internet surfers, as EBook diggers by themselves tend to be voracious readers. Additionally, they tend to share and pass on an EBook which they have favorable views on, to many others so your article gets read by many people, even if it is placed in a single EBook.

Tip 3: Automate the Response Mechanism to Your Articles
It is unlikely that you would actually be able to manually respond to all the responses that come through to your articles. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you set up an automated response mechanism. That way, those responding to your articles would not feel that you don’t care about their viewpoints or opinions.

Therefore, imbibe the above mentioned article marketing tips and see the “read-rate” of your articles soar!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Inbound Call Center Services – Your Ticket to Financial Freedom with Unlimited Income Opportunities

Stories often go around about the barrage of abuses that outbound call center executives frequently have to face, especially when they make calls pertaining to debt collection, or try to sell a particular product or service. If you too have found yourself at the receiving end of such treatment and are really tired of that, why don’t you simply stick to inbound services only?

These are often in the nature of technical support, wherein customers themselves call in for assistance. Frequently, customers have very kind words for the executives – quite the opposite as compared to reactions on outbound calls made. Time and again, customer queries are in fact very simple in nature – say a small clarification in their credit card statement, or a query about a minute problem they are facing with their Internet connection, and so on.

Essentially, the psychology behind the differential treatment is that when the customers themselves call in, it is for situations wherein they need you – the executive attending the call. While when calls are made out to them, they perceive that as intrusive to their time and space.

Although earlier the work in such processes used to be highly subjective, as calls would be routed to executives directly, and each customer would tend to have very different and unique queries, the setting up of Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems has changed that dramatically. Calls are filtered extensively, and specific queries are routed to executives trained on responding to those particular kinds of queries.

So, if a call center is what you have been looking to start off, while retaining a bunch of motivated executives, who would continue to smile even at the end of the day, stick to an inbound call center. Work would never stop, and so wouldn’t the monetary flow!
How to Start a Call Center – And Have the Phone Bells and Cash Counters Ringing Simultaneously!

You have heard a lot about the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry all across the world, especially in India, and the kind of prosperity that it has brought about to a large section of society. Hearing this, you have often wondered about the manner in which you could be a part of this booming phenomenon – strictly from an entrepreneurial perspective. So why don’t you give it a try, and as an allegory to Nike’s iconic catch line, ‘Just do it’?

It essentially involves setting up a sizeable facility to accommodate appropriate numbers of call center executives, who could either make or receive calls on behalf of your clients. Computers, telephone lines and Internet connectivity are mandatory requirements, along with other relevant internal and external support infrastructure mechanisms. The most obvious requirement though would continue to be the sustained patronage of existing clients, along with the on-going ‘coming on board’ of new clients.

This business is a lot about volumes, so the more calls your executives make or receive on behalf of your clients, more would be your profits. And costs do not tend to go up in direct proportion to the volumes of calls made or received. They in fact increase at a much slower pace.

Once the processes are put in place, the work is easy to undergo, on an ongoing daily basis. The relatively mechanical nature of the work makes it easy to train executives and bring them up to desired performance levels quickly. So do not wait any further – if a call center is what you have been planning to start, go ahead and do it right away, there is huge and easy income just waiting to be made!
Starting a Clothing Business – Drape Others in Clothes and Your Own Self in Dollars!

If you well and truly believe in the age old maxim that clothes are what make a man, you should actively consider starting your own business in garments – the opportunities are endless, and the unending saga of new clientele walking in through the door would keep you motivated, day in and day out!

Within the clothing business, there could be various sub-sectors that you could specifically focus on. For instance, you could consider dealing exclusively in either men’s or women’s or children’s clothes. Or you could look at a subset in terms of functionality – say only wedding dresses, or business suits, etc. This way you would have a niche of your own, and you could suitably build up exquisite clientele. A niche could also be developed in terms of the raw material used; for instance, you could deal exclusively in leather garments or leather products. Yet another possibility is sticking to specific labels or brands and retailing products from only those brands; for instance, you could be the sole local or national dealer and distributor for Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing range.

At the other end of the spectrum, you could look to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ by providing clothing from various brands, of various material, catering to all genders, age groups and sizes.

So, as you see, the opportunities are vast. What you essentially require is a keen sense of the market, especially for what’s in vogue at different times. Always remember that various fashions have limited shelf lives, so do not get obsessed with any one kind of style or fashion, and just keep up with the changing moods and preferences of your clientele. Give them what they want, and they will give you what you want – Dollops of Name, Fame and Cash!!
Become a Fashion Consultant, and Do a Catwalk on the Ramp of Name, Fame and Absolute Riches!

Cannot imagine draping yourself in anything less than designer labels from the house of Versace or Timmy Hilfiger or Dolce & Gabbana? But do not have the money to afford attire from these brands? Well, if you understand fashion so well, but do not have the means to adopt it for yourself, why don’t you first try to become an authority in fashion?

If you ask why, well, the answer lies in your own passion for fashion. Couple that with the fact that today it is fashionable to be in fashion, with a common obsession amongst one and all to look beautiful and feel and sound attractive. As a fashion consultant, you would have the power to drape the powerful and mighty in attire of their choices. Soon, you would in fact be going on to change the very perception that the common populace has of various public figures. A single design of yours could well be worth millions of dollars. Eventually, your own designer label might go on to attain cult status such that others would covet your brand as much as you did that of the brands mentioned above!

Fame is a given byproduct of the fashion industry to the extent that you become a Page 3 personality of sorts. You are the talk of the town at the most high profile parties happening there. You are on the radar of every wannabe socialite. Millions are doled out to you, even for simple appearances at social events. The media chases you with such vigor that over time, it gets difficult coping up and you in fact start looking for opportunities to give them the slip!

Formal education in fashion designing or fashion consultancy is not essential to become a fashion consultant. Rather, what is important is immense creativity, along with an active pulse on what is ‘in fashion’. Confidence in your own creation, or that of other designers which you recommend, is also extremely important. So follow these simple rules of thumb, and find yourself draped in the dazzling, million dollar world of fashion and razzmatazz!
Become a Management Consultant and Develop Into a Millionaire Overnight!

If you have spent a fortune on obtaining management skills and knowledge for yourself, why not get back the returns quickly – by becoming a professional management consultant?

The opportunity is immense; every company of repute is looking to establish a sound name for itself, as well as ensure that its products and services are well received in the market. More often than not, it is unable to do so entirely on its own, as it has to devote substantial amount of time and other resources on day-to-day operations. That is where the prospect for an external management consultant creeps in, which is where you should look to capitalize.

Begin by thoroughly doing your homework on the company. Study each element of the company’s activities with minute detail. Identify processes which the company is probably not doing as well as it can or should. Inform the company about the same. Once management sees the positive results, you would have attained demigod status overnight! And soon, the word will spread about the “magic” that you did for Company X, and Company Y and Z would be falling all over themselves to also get you to advice on their everyday processes and activities.

As you build up a veritable client list, along with enviable fame, you could simultaneously hike your consultancy fees, as clients would be more than willing to pay a premium for the “magical” tips and tricks that you would impart to them. Do the mathematics, and you will see for yourself that with practically no physical effort, and just a regular workout of your grey cells, you would have built up immense wealth and fortune – for yourself, as well as for generations to come!
Becoming a Driving Instructor – Drive your Way to Easy Earned Cash!

If your driving skills could give the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Juan Pablo Montoya a run for their money, a career in imparting driving skills to others is something that you could very well consider.

Driving a car or a two-wheeler is pretty much akin to learning to ride a bicycle or to swim – once you learn, you almost never unlearn, however long after you may do it next. Therefore, once you have honed your own driving skills, and also gained ample experience and confidence, feel free to explore the opportunity of becoming a driving instructor yourself. After all, the market is simply staggering; every single individual out there, driving on the street has actually been imparted professional driving lessons, and only then obtained a formal driving license. Thus the chances of your running out of clientele practically do not exist.

It is imperative though, that you obtain for yourself a professional driving license as well as associate with various motoring bodies. Since there are many others like you out there, who also know driving well, it is essential that you stand out in some way, and your connections with such bodies might just be the way to differentiate yourself from other wannabes. And once you associate yourself with one of the driving license issuing bodies, there really is no looking back.

Such an association would give you immense credibility, allowing you to impart driving lessons privately, and raking in the moolah much higher. So don’t let your driving skills stash, as they are your one-way ticket to huge piles of cash!
How to Become a Realtor and Earn Hard Cash with Less Effort

If the shapeliness of architectural wonders appeals to you more than that of other more commonly alluring curvaceous forms, realty might just be the most appropriate career path for you! With the boom that is being witnessed in the real estate industry, especially in select, growing economies, it might just make maximum sense to ride on the same side of the tide!

Becoming a realtor essentially requires an absolute pulse on the real estate market that you are targeting. Remember that this is a market which is fairly subjective in terms of pricing and highly heterogeneous. Factors like locality and purpose for which the property is sought would make a huge impact on the eventual price at which it is either bought or sold, or rented out. And your income from the entire transaction would obviously depend on the above mentioned factor. Additionally, there might be markets that would require you to obtain an official license before you start offering your services as a professional realtor, so check in your locality for such a requirement.

Having said that, once you gain a foothold in the market, money is relatively easy to come by. A single good deal could alone fetch you thousands of dollars, maybe even millions! As you successfully see the light of day for more such deals, you build a name for yourself and prestigious clientele seek out your services for the marvelous real estate piece that they are on the look-out for. And once you reach that level, there really is no looking back. So, if a realtor is what you would like to be, waste no time, and get on with it rightaway – the guy on the other side of town has just closed a $10 million property deal – you could be the one doing it next!
Credit Cards Marketing – Distribute Credit, and Get Immediate Cash!

Have a flair for selling your ideas to people? Why not extend that flair to sell credit? After all, it is a dream amongst many to be in possession of the latest and the very finest cards being offered by banks in town. Often, it becomes a clear case of prestige for the owner and envy for the non-possessors. So why not help the non-possessors to also get to the prestigious point of owning coveted credit cards?
Over time, banks make a lot of money on credit cards, and thus every new customer signed up, is a potential source of long-term income for the bank. And if you are the one to get them these new customers, apart from their delight, they will also share with you their money – HARD CASH, we are not talking credit here! Over time, banks are also known to share significant percentages out of the revenues and fees earned from the customers signed up by you – WITH YOU!

Success in this business primarily involves capitalizing upon the desire amongst most humans to acquire assets which would currently be out of their financial reach. Combine this with another common desire to defer immediate payment for a later date, and voila – you have the solution, in the form of a magical product called the credit card, right in front of you.

Emphasize upon these benefits to potential customers, and if you can have the bank providing additional incentives like doing away with annual fees or getting the customer supplementary discounts at favorite eating joints, he will not take much time to sign on! Do this for more such persons, and soon you will in fact find your own self eligible for the most prestigious platinum card in town!
Retail Marketing Service – a Million Dollar Business Opportunity, Waiting to be Tapped

You just visited your friendly neighborhood grocery store, and observed that the items preferred by most customers are kept obscurely out of their view. You suggest a change of display to the owner, and once he implements that, finds his sales doubling! Boy, you have the traits of a budding retail marketing specialist lying dormant in you!

With the explosion that is being witnessed in the retail sector, there is immense opportunity for retail marketing specialists. Every retailer wants to grab maximum share of the customer’s expenditure pie, and thus would be more than willing to spend a fortune on someone who could help him do that. And that someone could well be you!! So do not let your god-given gift lie waste, and use it to the maxim. With visits to various retail formats, and a keen sense of observation, along with a pulse on customer preferences, you could become the marketing specialist of choice for numerous retailers. You could suggest display tools and strategies to them, as well as advise them on honing their overall marketing approach. You could recommend customization and tailoring of products and services to retailers, which would be in line with the profile of customers that they broadly get.

Each new customer is in turn likely to spread the word around, and ensure more and more new customers for the retailer. This would in turn have a spiraling effect on your own finances, whereby your returns from the advisory services provided would increase proportionately with increase in revenues for the retailer. So don’t waste any time, and get going on your very own retail marketing services business right now!
Food Catering Business – Cook Your Way to Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Your Bank Account Everyday!

If you have a passion for food, adore gourmet cuisine and can come out with some of the most delicious, lip smacking cookery fare that anyone could ever prepare, why not start your own food preparation business? After all, within no time, you will find yourself dealing with exquisite and exclusive clientele who will be literally eating out of your hands! And most importantly, you will have money flowing into your account, faster than the rate at which your patrons could devour the food that you prepare!

This business is easy to start and requires relatively less seed capital. Growth in the business can be brought about by reinvesting profits, without really having to borrow money from the banks, and taking up additional liabilities. In the beginning, you can even work from your own kitchen at home, and take orders simply over the phone. As business picks up, you can take up your own place, and hire additional staff. With time, volume orders will rake in the profits substantially. Therefore, it would be a good idea to garner offices, schools/colleges, or entire neighborhoods as clients, and try supplying your food to the entire populace there.

Apart from the money, you also stand to gain in terms of fame and recognition. And remember – your customers will be your best marketers, who will do the job of marketing your business for you – for FREE! After all, who does not like to share a great experience with others? So go ahead, and start your catering business today, and along with the sound of pots and pans working away in the kitchen, hear the jingles of dollars in your bank account – loud and clear!